Team Evaluations (20% of your final grade)

  • 200-1000 words per teammate. Indicate what they did to contribute to the project. What skills did they pick up this quarter? What skills should they develop further? Give a numeric score (1-10) for them and justify it.
  • These must be emailed to the professor at before 8am, Tuesday morning to receive full credit. They will remain private.

Final Presentation (20% of your final grade)

The following are rough guidelines, not a hard-and-fast checklist for your presentations.

  • Your presentations should last 20 minutes with another 10 minutes for discussion.
  • Your team will need to present from the front of the classroom with some sort of presentation software (powerpoint, libreoffice, impress.js, prezi,... your choice).
  • Every member of your team needs to speak for a roughly equal amount of the presentation. Be prepared.
  • Do a demonstration of your project.
  • How does the code work?
    • What are some of the best pieces of software you wrote? Why?
    • What are some of the worst pieces? Why?
  • Make sure that you comment on progress over the quarter. What stumbling blocks were there and what successes?
  • What would you have done differently?
  • What would you have worked on if you’d had more time?

Finished Project (20% of your final grade)

  • Add a fully-fleshed out entry and link to your project information to this wiki page:
    • Use the examples already there as a standard for the quality of your addition.
  • Your grade here will be derived from the following factors (adjusted for progress over the quarter):
    • Is the code clearly licensed under an OSI-compatible license?
    • Does your source repository contains Written instructions for future developers. How can they setup their environment to work on your project? What TODO items are left to do?
    • Does it work on python on a normal machine?
    • Does it work on the OLPC?
    • Code quality and git commit history.
    • Quality of the wiki entry at